Svenska IT-säkerhets­­konferenser

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IPEN workshop 2024

The annual workshop of the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) at the European Data Protection Supervisor discusses hot topics on the engineering of privacy policies. The 2024 edition focuses on "Human oversight of automated decision-making", and features a set of high-profile speakers from the privacy engineering discipline, as well as key representatives of the European Data Protection Supervisor.


Privacy Engineering experts, policymakers, academia, companies, and activists with an interest in privacy and data protection from a technical perspective.


EDPS, Karlstad University

Annual Privacy Forum 2024

The Annual Privacy Forum is a premier event series to discuss privacy and data proteciton with experts from law, IT, socio-economics, and other disciplines, as well as policymakers and data protection authorities. It intends to bridge the academic and the policy levels of privacy, nd discusses the real-world implementation of latest data protection regulations in Europe, such as the new AI Act and GDPR.


Privacy and Data Protection experts (law, IT, socio-economic disciplines, policymakers, data protection authorities, etc.) from Sweden and Europe


ENISA, DG Connect, Karlstad University